Chad-Free Voting

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chad-Free Voting

These days, it's virtually impossible to visit a news or media website and not be asked to "vote" on some issue or another. is a good example. Minutes ago, the news network's home page offered web visitors the chance to vote on these four critical issues:
VOTE: Pretend It's 2008! Who Would You Pick For President? (Radar)

VOTE: Should Uterus Transplants Be Allowed? (Story)

VOTE: Netflix Nation: Will Watching Movies On-Line Become the New Standard? (Story)

VOTE: Golden Globes: Worst Dressed? Best Dressed? (Photos)
When it comes to educating voters, ABC News clearly takes its responsibility seriously (no matter what the issue may be). In an introductory paragraph related to the Golden Globe votes, ABC News informed us that
The dress worn by Rinko Kikuchi, nominated for her performance in "Babel," was certainly different. You didn't see anyone else wearing one like it. It's special and … puffy.
Decisions, decisions ....

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