What's <em>Your</em> Christmas Going to Feel Like?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's Your Christmas Going to Feel Like?

Probably nothing like the two examples below.

Yesterday, on the one hand, the New York Times wrote:
The Goldman Sachs Group reported today that it earned $9.34 billion this year, the most in Wall Street history, and that it would set aside $16.5 billion for salaries, bonuses and benefits for employees. That figure works out to an average (bonus) of $622,000 for each employee, although the payouts will be far from uniform ...

Two years ago, BMW of Manhattan opened a showroom at 67 Wall Street, so that investment bankers would not have to take the time to travel uptown to its main sales and service operation at 57th Street and 11th Avenue.
On the other hand, also yesterday, the website AllAfrica reported:
... the average Liberian family lives on less than [50 cents] a day while the general life expectancy of Liberians is less than 50 years. Unemployment stands at a dreaded 85% ...
No announcement yet from BMW on when they'll be opening a dealership in Monrovia.

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