The Taliban Wants No "Tom DeLays"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Taliban Wants No "Tom DeLays"

These days, the U.S. Congress is not the only group looking at reassuring the public of its ethical standards. In Afghanistan, the Taliban has circulated a handbook to its fighters with 30 rules of conduct. According to CNN:
... the Taliban has put out a code of conduct for its commanders and fighters — including when to kill teachers and how to prevent sexual abuse.

... The document, which says it was approved by the elusive Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar, was apparently first given to members of the insurgent group's Shura council during a secret meeting in late September or October.

... "Taliban may not use Jihad equipment or property for personal ends" reads rule nine, while rule 10 says each Taliban is held "accountable to his superiors in matters of money spending and equipment usage."

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