A Stronger Case That Reagan Knew

Monday, December 11, 2006

A Stronger Case That Reagan Knew

On the heels of Jeanne Kirkpatrick's death, this article in Saturday's New York Times reviewed her central role in shaping the Reagan era Cold War policies. Considering how many conservatives have long argued that Reagan and Bush (the elder) knew nothing about the Iran-Contra affair, I found these passages very interesting:
.... Ms. Kirkpatrick was at the June 1984 National Security Planning Group meeting that began the secret initiative that later became known as the Iran-contra affair. Congress had cut off funds for the contras. [CIA Director William Casey] wanted to obtain money from foreign countries in defiance of the ban.

Ms. Kirkpatrick was in favor. “We should make the maximum effort to find the money,” she said. [Secretary of State George Shultz] was opposed. “It is an impeachable offense,” he said.
To me, the Schultz quote adds to the strong case that can be made to conclude that Reagan and/or George H.W. Bush knew about the specifics of the illegal activities being carried out by Oliver North and company.

If Schultz was sufficiently alarmed to tell Kirkpatrick he felt that she was trying to do something that was "an impeachable offense," I can't believe he wouldn't have taken this concern up the ladder to the president or vice president. After all, they are the only persons who would have been in the position to reign in Kirkpatrick's intentions.

Keep in mind as well that Oliver North has insisted that he believes Reagan and Bush the elder knew what he was doing.

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