Nelson's Visit to Syria

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nelson's Visit to Syria

Last night on Fox News, conservative analysts Morton Kondracke and Bill Sammon hotly debated the decision by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) to visit Syria and meet with the country's leaders. Kondracke defended Nelson's decision, while Sammon attacked it.

Courtesy of NRO"s "The Corner," here is part of their exchange:
KONDRACKE: "... we're not at war with Syria. If a member of Congress wants to go and check out a situation in a foreign country, even if the State Department suggests that he not do it, I do not see anything wrong with doing it. He's not — he has no power to negotiate with Syria. He's trying to get the lay of the land so he's an informed senator. I mean, I do not think that senators should expect to just get their information only from the administration about what our policy for Syria is."

SAMMON: "Well, [the Syrian] regime supports Hezbollah, it supports Hamas, it tries to destabilize the Lebanese government, it supports terrorism and it's not going to — if it's trying to destabilize a fledgling Democracy like Lebanon, why would it turn around and help us stabilize another fledgling Democracy like Iraq? ..."
One of Sammon's key points is that we shouldn't seek Syria's help in bringing stability to Iraq because Syria supports Hezbollah.

Yet Sammon neglects to mention that Iraq's prime minister has expressed views that were widely seen as pro-Hezbollah.

A question for Sammon: If no American should even talk to Syria because its leaders support Hezbollah, then why should any American die for Iraq if its leaders support Hezbollah?

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