Doing Wonders for the NFL's Image

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Doing Wonders for the NFL's Image

Have 15 percent of your coworkers been arrested this year? That was the question posed by Kevin Hench at Hench writes:
Not even the United States Congress, despite the best efforts of Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, William "the Cooler" Jefferson, Mark Foley, et al., can claim [a 15 percent arrest] rate.

What is in the water in Cincinnati? Vodka apparently.

With Deltha O'Neal's arrest for drunk driving [Dec. 8], the (Cincinnati) Bengals organization has broken its own single-season record for stupidity and selfishness.

... Does (head coach) Marvin Lewis have a dedicated phone for these late-night calls — the DUI line? Is .10 the average blood alcohol content of the Bengals at any given moment, or is it the team's average IQ?
They weren't all DUIs. One was for "boating" under the influence. Other arrests were made for such infractions as carrying a concealed weapon, drug possession, spousal battery, vandalism and burglary.

Last night on NFL "Monday Night Football," one member of the broadcast team reported that the Cincinnati Bengals front office had arranged for a limousine service to provide a ride for any Bengals player who felt he was too drunk to drive.

Given the salaries most of these players receive, you'd think they could easily afford to have a limo and driver waiting outside the bar at which they're drinking.

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