Asking "Why?" Without Really Meaning It

Friday, December 29, 2006

Asking "Why?" Without Really Meaning It

I'm not sure why I waste my time with stupid bullshit like this, but since this guy seems to believe he is open-mindedly asking a sincere question, I can't help but answer.

The title of the WorldNutDaily article is pretty straight forward, "Why would 'gays' want children?" He then goes on to disingenously claim that he is asking sincere questions, that gay people creating families and raising children only do so to further the homosexual agenda.
There is a reason for homosexual activists to have kids; it is part of the great deception that no one is to question. By having children in the picture, the attempt to complete the circle and to convince the world that such a family unit is normal is all-important.
Yes, that is the only reason we homos do ANYTHING at all. The only reason I get up in the morning is to support the homosexual agenda and destroy the family unit. As I sit in my house that I jointly purchased with my wife-- as two legally defined "single" people-- I guess I missed the line in the mortgage paperwork where we acknowledged that the only reason we did so was to stick it to the heteros. Same goes for when we got married and went on our honeymooon or everything else we've done in the past eight years-- just to stick it to the heteros. No, not because we are trying to live happy lives, not because we fell in love, but because we want to stick it the heteros.

This is another one of those instances where a straight person has it stuck in their tiny little head that our very existence, our entire lives, are all about sticking it to them. Sorry, but our lives really don't revolve around you or your thoughts about us in the way that you appear to believe. Strangely enough when I get up in the morning with my wife, have a cup of coffee, discuss the day, no part of our discussion is how to piss off those who don't approve or like us.

Naturally this all bile comes up because of his intrusion and assumptions about Mary Cheney's pregnancy. Did Mary show up on his doorstep with her positive pee stick test? No. Where does he get off thinking this has anything to do with him or others like him? On top of that he makes interesting, ignorant assumptions about the relationship between the donor and Heather Poe, Mary's partner. He assumes they have no biological connection, which might be true, but it very well might not be. How does he know it wasn't Heather's egg? For someone who believes themselves to be such an expert on homos he doesn't seem to know much about how we create our families.

I'm curious, as it has been publicly stated that Mary isn't due until the spring, if she were to end in miscarriage would these people rejoice? Something tells me they would. All in the name of being "pro-life" and "pro-family," of course. Because nothing says "pro-family" like demonizing other people's families.

I find it most interesting that in our desire to be treated like other families under the law that we are accused of wanting "special rights." The fact is they want to preserve their "special rights" be treated as inherently superior, if that isn't the essence of bigotry I don't know what is.

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