Yglesias and the Princeton Project

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yglesias and the Princeton Project

I don't know what to make of this post at Matthew Yglesias' blog. He seems to think the Russians and Chinese should justifiably be offended by the Princeton Project. A key aspect of the Project was described by the Washington Post's Jackson Diehl in this recent column:
One of the most intriguing Princeton ideas is the creation of a treaty-based "Concert of Democracies" that, like the European Union or NATO, would admit members only if they met strict requirements.

The new institution would allow the democracies to work together as a concerted force within such institutions as the United Nations -- as mostly undemocratic groups such as the Organization of the Islamic Conference already do -- and could eventually replace the United Nations as a forum for legitimizing international security actions if the United Nations itself proved resistant to reform.
If Russia or China feel spurned, so be it.

Creating this group would not mean that the U.S. would cease its diplomatic relations or outreach to the Chinese or Russians. But this group could possibly help the U.S. mobilize broad-based support in the international community and apply greater pressure on Russia and China not to use their Security Council veto power to block reasonable multilateral action with regard to Darfur, Iran or other areas of the world.

Why the indignation, Mr. Yglesias?

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