Total Savage Idiocy

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Total Savage Idiocy

I generally don't post on anything Michael Savage says, as he makes Ann Coulter appear downright pleasant, however, this over at Daou Report caught my eye.

For starters, Savage is claiming that the Michael Richards’ racist rant proves that all liberals are secretly racists. As utterly absurd as that is, especially coming from someone like Savage, I found this amusing, “Under the surface, if you got [liberals] in a room alone, I guarantee you they'd say this same kind of hateful things about Catholics and about Jews and about straights and about soldiers."

According to that list Savage believes that the only people who qualify as liberal are, let me see, white, non-Catholic gays who hate the military? So there are no Jewish liberals? Or liberal soldiers? Or liberal Catholics? Or liberal black people? Or liberal straight people? If that is the case then how on earth are liberals such a big threat? Seriously, what is the point of creating such a tiny, tiny straw man?

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