Our Biggest Accomplishment in Iraq

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our Biggest Accomplishment in Iraq

Might very well be getting Shias and Sunnis to agree on something-- they want the US and other foreign forces out.
Eight out of ten Shias in Baghdad (80%) say they want foreign forces to leave within a year (72% of Shias in the rest of the country), according to a poll conducted by World Public Opinion in September. None of the Shias polled in Baghdad want U.S.-led troops to be reduced only “as the security situation improves,” a sharp decline from January, when 57 percent of the Shias polled by WPO in the capital city preferred an open-ended U.S presence.

This brings Baghdad Shias in line with the rest of the country. Seven out of ten Iraqis overall—including both the Shia majority (74%) and the Sunni minority (91%)—say they want the United States to leave within a year.
All Shias polled in Baghdad (100%) believe that the U.S. military presence is “provoking more conflict than it is preventing.” Outside of Baghdad, this view is slightly less common: 74 percent of Shias in the rest of the country say the presence of U.S. troops provokes conflict while 25 percent say the troops are a stabilizing force.
Do we have a right to stay in a country in the name of helping them when our help isn't wanted? Is there any hope for "victory" when the public support for our mere presence is so low?

Bush says he doesn't listen to American polls, but can he really say the same for the public opinion of Iraqis?

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