An Ignoble Letter to "Noble Americans"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

An Ignoble Letter to "Noble Americans"

You received a letter yesterday.

Well, not in your mailbox exactly. This six-page, open letter was addressed to "noble Americans" from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iranian officials released the text of the letter on Wednesday.

On the one hand, Ahmadinejad's letter showers Americans with a few compliments. We are "God-fearing, truth-loving and justice-seeking." On the other hand, we are dupes who have provided "blind support" for U.S. government policies favoring the "Zionists" (a.k.a., Israel) over the Palestinians.

Other highlights of the letter:
* God deliberately "placed Iran and the United States geographically far apart ..."

* Although he presides over a country with no Miranda rights, Ahmadinejad sounds like a board member of the ACLU as he informs Americans that "civil liberties in the United States are being increasingly curtailed."

* The letter included a garden variety of anti-Semitism -- the Zionists control "a substantial portion of the banking, financial, cultural and media sectors" in America. (Is that why TV is much more worth watching in the U.S. than in a country like Iran?)

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