Third Party Politics

Friday, October 13, 2006

Third Party Politics

To all the disheartened Christian conservatives out there who are upset that the GOP has been infiltrated by the "velvet mafia" and the GOP leadership secretly thinks you're all "nuts," there is a political party that is your natural, Christian home-- the Constitution Party.

The CP is openly and stridently anti-gay, anti-abortion (no exceptions!), anti-immigrant, anti-porn, anti-gambling and totally pro-Christian dominion, pro-property rights, pro-gun rights, etc. They are the party of small government-- they want to abolish the Department of Education, Department of Energy, and their biggest hero in the judiciary is Judge Roy Moore! For pete's sake, they explicitly say they're a party based on pro-family, Biblical Principles! What are you waiting for, this is God's Real Party! Why settle for the GOP when your real home is the Constitution Party!

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