Sullivan: The Real Divide Is "In" or "Out"

Friday, October 06, 2006

Sullivan: The Real Divide Is "In" or "Out"

On his blog today, Andrew Sullivan offers some interesting analysis of the context in which Foley-gate occurred:
Three sub-types of men were at work, and the relationships between them may turn out to be fascinating anthropology. You have straight men and openly gay men trying to grapple with the misbehavior of a closeted gay man.

These dynamics are then given an added twist by the fact that all these men are also Republican, and dealing with this issue in the context of a Congressional party that says one thing publicly about homosexuals, and often acts very differently in private. In this, the Christian base is right to be mad. The hypocrisy runs deep.

One thing that may or may not become a part of the story-line eventually is how openly gay men deal with closeted men. I've had some experience here. All I can say is that it is often very difficult.

In Washington gay life, the real Republican closet cases really do seem to exist in their own little, separate social bubble. You don't see them out in gay parties, gyms, cafes, restaurants or bars much. The worst are so screwed up no one would want to socialize wth them anyway. The openly gay Republicans, in contrast, are everywhere on the social scene. Many are friends or acquaintances.

Every Thursday night at the Duplex Diner in DC, you'll bump into people from every party, political view, lobby group, blog or newspaper. We try to get along, even when we disagree. In my experience, the divide in DC is not between gay Democrats and gay Republicans; it's between those who are out and those who are not.

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