A Sign He's Running Out of Issues

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Sign He's Running Out of Issues

It's nice to know that the truly substantive issues are the focus of the U.S. Senate race in New York. According to CNN:
"You ever see a picture of her back then? Whew," New York Daily News political reporter Ben Smith quoted (Republican Senate candidate) John Spencer as saying Friday en route to a debate with (Sen. Hillary) Clinton in Rochester. "I don't know why Bill married her," he was reported as saying, referring to former President Bill Clinton.

The Daily News also reported that Spencer, 59, the former mayor of Yonkers, a New York City suburb, said Clinton had undergone "millions of dollars of work -- plastic surgery" to help improve her appearance. "She looks good now," Smith quoted Spencer as saying.

... Rob Ryan, Spencer's spokesman, denied Smith's account, but acknowledged a conversation took place on the flight from New York to Rochester.

"The comment that he said was something to the effect of, 'If you have ever seen a picture of Hillary Clinton from college,' I think he said, 'Whew, she changed,' " Ryan said in an interview with CNN. "Which is obvious if you look at the picture of her. That is what he said. He never said anything about her having plastic surgery."
Even if he did not make a reference to "plastic surgery," Spencer looks foolish and petty when he starts talking about how his opponent looked -- now or in college.

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