Rightwing Naysayers on Parade

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rightwing Naysayers on Parade

From Washington Monthly 7 prominent conservatives explain why they want the GOP to lose their strangehold on Washington in a feature called "Time for Us to Go." Here are a few:
Let's quit while we're behind
By Christopher Buckley

Bring on Pelosi
By Bruce Bartlett

And we thought Clinton had no self-control
By Joe Scarborough
Clinton?!? Wow. Now that's a low blow.

Christopher Buckley has some rather scathing insight as well.
Who knew, in 2000, that “compassionate conservatism” meant bigger government, unrestricted government spending, government intrusion in personal matters, government ineptitude, and cronyism in disaster relief? Who knew, in 2000, that the only bill the president would veto, six years later, would be one on funding stem-cell research?

A more accurate term for Mr. Bush’s political philosophy might be incontinent conservatism.
Granted, they'd all like the Dems to have some power so that they can blame them for interfering with GOP goals, it's better for their cause. But it's nice to see some of them at least acknowledge what collasal, shameful fuck-ups the GOP have become. Generally speaking it doesn't take much insight to see that total and complete unchecked power is hurting this country.

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