Obama Groupies, You're Annoying

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Obama Groupies, You're Annoying

I am really starting to get annoyed by the liberals in my midst who are forever swooning over Sen. Barack Obama. The guy could belch, and a bystander would whisper, "How eloquent."

Time magazine picks up on this buzz, as Obama graces the cover of its latest issue. In the magazine, Joe Klein writes:
It is 9 a.m. on a fresh, sunny Saturday in Rockford, Illinois, and nearly a thousand people have gathered in the gymnasium at Rock Valley College to participate in a town meeting with their Senator, Barack Obama.

... Just then there is a ripple through the crowd, then gasps, cheers and applause as Obama lopes into the gym with a casual, knees-y stride.

"Missed ya," he says, moving to the microphone, and he continues greeting people over raucous applause. "Tired of Washington."

There's a sly hipster syncopation to his cadence, "Been stuck there for a while."
What gravitas.

Okay, so Obama might make a good president someday. But he hasn't even served two full years in the U.S. Senate. Isn't all of this fuss a bit premature?

Please, liberal friends, stop cooing and try to control yourselves. Let's see whether Obama makes a good senator before we engage in endless prattle about why he should definitely run for president.

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