Looking to Build an Addition?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Looking to Build an Addition?

Then you probably don't want to hire a construction company called Parsons. According to the New York Times:
In a sweeping new assessment of reconstruction failures in Iraq, a federal inspector told Congress on Thursday that 13 of 14 major projects built by the American contractor Parsons that were examined by his agency were substandard, with construction deficiencies and other serious problems.

... Before his testimony, [a federal inspector] made available copies of an inspection report on one of the 13 substandard projects, a $72 million police college in Baghdad where plumbing work was so poor that the pipes burst, dumping urine and fecal matter throughout the college’s buildings.

... Earnest O. Robbins II, a Parsons vice president, struggled to explain how tests could have missed such fundamental problems, in which the pipes were often not joined by proper fixtures but simply set end to end and fastened with concrete.

How could the tests “not reveal these massive, massive problems?” asked Representative Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland.

“I have some conjectures and that’s all it would be,” Mr. Robbins said, “and that is, it took a while of use for this to manifest itself, for the fittings to come loose or whatever.”

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