Late October Surprise

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Late October Surprise

The New Jersey Supreme Court is announcing its decision on Lewis v. Harris today at 3 pm.

Don't know Lewis v. Harris?

Well, you're about to.

Odds are that today the New Jersey Supreme Court is going to rule in favor of same-sex marriage rights. If you take a cynical view, as I tend to do, this could be the court case that may tip the election in the favor of the GOP. I'm sure that Karl Rove is counting on it to woo the conservative base.

As I see it, we're pretty much screwed no matter how they rule-- in favor, the election is over; opposed, we lost a critical case in a state that is majority pro-gay marriage. Although as I stated yesterday, that would be the preferred ruling at this juncture-- it means that same-sex marriage won't cost us the election, again.

Then there's the outside chance that the American people will wake up and realize that this ruling and the issue of same-sex marriage itself isn't nearly as important as, say, the war or the economy or health care or nuclear profliferation, etc.

Same-sex marriage is not a life or death issue, the only people it is truly important to are the people who want to marry but can't. The very act of legalizing something does not mean that everyone in the society approves of it, that certainly wasn't the case during desegregation or the overturning of miscegenation laws or the fact that gambling and prostitution are legal in some parts of the country.

Anyways, here's to hoping that America has woken up and learned how to prioritize issues that are life-and-death over those that just irritate them personally.

There is one other possibility-- that the NJSC won't really declare anything one way or another and will kick the issue back to the legislature, which would be the best outcome at this point.

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