Childish Arguments

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Childish Arguments

Jonah Goldberg listens to 5-year olds and finds their logic enlightening.

From a reader:

I am reading the NJ decision. So far, I think I want to marry my mother. Seriously. Our relationship could not be more committed, and I want her to enjoy my health care insurance. The legislature doesn't have to call it "marriage." They can call it "Mommiage."
Yes, two unrelated adults marrying is *just* like marrying your mommy, or a dog, or a goat, or your sister. I mean, if we let a gay couple in New Jersey who have been together for 35 years, who have children and grandchildren, if we allow them to marry how is that different than letting a man marry his mother?

(shake head)

The fact that they use health insurance as an example brings up another point-- people *should* be able to allow family members to get on their health insurance. It is only because our health insurance system is so broken that some of us who have it-- only because we have jobs-- cannot share it with family members who depend upon us.

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