Bush May Have Opened an Old Wound

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bush May Have Opened an Old Wound

The White House's 2005 initiative to convert Social Security to a privatized system was a great, big flop. It created deep anxieties among many Americans, especially voters who are nearing retirement.

So with all of the other troubles that Bush and the Republicans have this election season, the last thing the president would want is to do or say anything that re-ignites the public's anxiety over Social Security privatization.

Yet that's precisely what the president did at this morning's televised press conference. When asked his plans regarding Social Security "private accounts" and other unsuccessful parts of his agenda, Bush told a reporter:
"I haven't given up on any of those issues."
I suspect that the DNC has already started working on a TV ad to make sure Bush's words are heard far and wide.

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