Beyond Belief

Monday, October 09, 2006

Beyond Belief

In a New York Times piece that summarizes the initial reactions of a handful of Evangelical Christians to the Foley scandal, most of them claim that they don’t see it as a GOP problem, that it is Foley’s “personal sin.” I think the GOP must distribute special Fundie Blinders, although it appears that some people are drinking the koolaid and wearing the blinders at the same time.
“It is not going to affect my vote because I don’t live in Florida,” said Scott O’Connell, a mechanical engineer who described himself as a fundamentalist. “But there is a bigger moral issue which I would say is the prism I view this through: I do not believe in homosexuality.”
It is comments like these that make it really hard for me not to mock most religious fundamentalists— of any stripe. It's one thing to not like the existence of something, however, saying that you don’t believe in its existence because its mere existence offends you is, well, absurdist. If only life really worked that way-- for religious reasons I don't believe in bills!

Hey, wait a sec, they're still sitting on my desk...why didn't that work?

Sorry, Mr. O'Connell, but there are millions and millions of gays and lesbians in America alone, we will exist whether you and your judgemental, self-righteous bretheren believe in us or not.

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