The Post Obviously Prints Press Releases

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Post Obviously Prints Press Releases

For years, Judy Sarasohn has written the Post's Special Interests column. This column provides exciting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat info such as which pinstripe-suited, former Frat Council chair, and Congressional committee staffer has accepted a job at a high-priced lobbying firm.

It's dull-as-dishwater writing, and, frankly, I have had sympathy for Sarasohn because I can't imagine any Post assignment that is more dreadful than this one. But I have less sympathy today. I happened to read today's column (yes, I lead an exciting life) and I had to shake my head. Sarasohn writes:
The American Academy of Family Physicians, which established a political action committee a year ago, also is stepping up its advocacy efforts.

On Wednesday, 2,000 family doctors are expected on the Hill to express their concerns about the uninsured, the need for medical liability legislation and Medicare reimbursements.
Sarasohn must have needed a few lines of text as filler because she felt compelled to end this item with the following quote:
"It's time for the country to address the problems of health care," said the academy president, Larry S. Fields , a family doctor from Kentucky.
We hear nothing specific on where the group stands on any of the issues they've cited. All we get from Sarasohn is a silly platitude from the group's president.

We wonder why people in public life make such empty comments. But it's beginning to make sense to me after reading this column. If you can say something this bland and still get quoted in the Washington Post, then, hey, obviously bland is good.

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