Dancing Poll Numbers in PA

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dancing Poll Numbers in PA

Finally! Some encouraging news from my new homestate of Pennsyltucky.

Casey Widens Lead in Pa. Senate Poll
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Democrat Bob Casey appears to have opened a double digit lead over Sen. Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania's Senate race, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Casey had a 14-point lead in the Quinnipiac University Poll, with 54 percent of likely voters saying they planned to vote for him compared to 40 percent for Santorum. One percent said they wouldn't vote and 6 percent said they didn't know.
That's a nice little surge-- it's notable that Santorum can't seem to move above 40%, Casey is over 50% AND only 6% are undecided. It's hardly over but poor little Ricky Santimonious has to be praying extra hard these days.

Also, just an aside, the Green Party candidate was officially booted from the race for not having enough valid signatures. As a liberal, Green-leaning progressive I wish I could say I'm sorry but I'm not. I don't support by-any-means-necessary politics, especially in this case when the PA Green Party's actions clearly undermined one of the main tenents they exist at all-- that they're not like the other parties because they have scruples, ethics, etc. But the poor myopic, unethical suckers got screwed by the very people who wanted nothing more than to hurt the progressive cause in the first place. Reap what you sow and all that.

I'd love to see good Green candidates on the ballot whose campaign isn't almost entirely supported by the GOP merely as a means to hurt the Dems. Let's aspire to be something other than a tool, shall we?

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