Resisting Evolution

Friday, August 11, 2006

Resisting Evolution

From Pharyngula, an international survey of public attitudes about evolution. You'll never guess where the U.S. falls.

"Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals."

Predictably, religiosity is identified as the primary determining predictor for where a country falls on the list. There is also one particular disturbing aspect that is unique to the U.S.-- and it does not bode well for our future.
There is no major political party in Europe or Japan that uses opposition to evolution as a part of its political platform.
The politicization of science in the name of religion and political partisanship is not new to the United States, but transformation of traditional geographically and economically based political parties into religiously oriented ideological coalitions marks the beginning of a new era for science policy. The broad public acceptance of the benefits of science and technology in the second half of the 20th century allowed science to develop a nonpartisan identification that largely protected it from overt partisanship. That era appears to have closed.
My, my, aren't we special.

The whole thing makes me reconsider the novelty t-shirts I wanted to make a while back-- 96% CHIMP.

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