A Lame Column by George Will

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Lame Column by George Will

I almost never agree with columnist George Will on the issues he raises, but he can be a thoughtful and lucid writer. I sometimes read his columns for those reasons alone. But his newest column is pretty lame. In it, he flacks for the re-election of Sen. Jim Talent (R-Mo.) by slamming his opponent, Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill.

There is little analysis, and what analysis you can find is sophomoric. It reads more like a campaign ad for Talent:
[McCaskill] says Missourians are angry about gasoline prices, but she opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and on the outer continental shelf.

... She opposed estate tax reform, which Talent says is important to Missouri's farmers and small-business owners.

When Howard Dean campaigned for her, before the Senate had confirmed Justice Sam Alito, the Democratic National Committee chairman said her election would mean "one less vote for Judge Alito." First she said Dean did not speak for her. Then she came out against Alito.
When Will can't find any substantive argument for opposing McCaskill's positions, he resorts to petty snipes. Referring to a statement McCaskill made on illegal immigration, he dismisses the way she said it -- "[w]ith characteristic tartness."

Will should stop trying to pass off a re-election ad as a newspaper column. If he's dying to cut an ad in support of Talent's campaign, he should contact Talent's campaign manager at 314-993-8235.

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