Poor Little Fella

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Poor Little Fella

Ralph Reed is no longer in the running to be the next lieutenant governor of Georgia.


Which makes me think of my favorite (and only) personal encounter with Ralph Reed. I was attending a big right-wing conference several years ago. After watching a ballroom-sized crowd slavishly worship Ann Coulter, I decided to take a breather and walk around the lobby. As I turned around to head back to see the illustrious Alan Keyes, I nearly knocked over a very little man. Mid-sorry, I realized it was none other than Ralph Reed. It was then that I developed my theory of right-wing zealots in the vein of Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer and other petite megalomaniacs-- they likely have persecution complexes forged via repeated bullying in high school. I'm hardly a violent person and I certainly wasn't a bully in high school, however, Ralph Reed brought out a latent, hidden urge. I really wanted to push him down and call him a pipsqueak.

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