(Not So) Deep Thoughts by Zoe Kentucky

Friday, July 28, 2006

(Not So) Deep Thoughts by Zoe Kentucky

On Wednesday the Anorexic Blonde Banashee Who Shall Not Be Named declared while being interviewed on tv that she believes that Bill Clinton is a "latent homosexual" because he's a womanizer. Yesterday while on Hardball with Chris Matthews she "jokingly" said that Al Gore is a "total fag." Apparently she thinks she's discovered a fun new way to get attention.

I think she might be hovering just over the shark now. So I'm wondering what her next move is going to be.

She is a very cunning market manipulator, she manages to say and get away with the most outrageous, vile things, better than anyone else and is still treated by the MSM as a respected journalist/pundit. But with statements like these I'm wondering what she'll do if the shock factor truly wears off-- I think she has a Plan B.

I predict that her next trick is to have a radical left-wing conversion, declare herself a bleeding-heart fag-hag and write a tell-all about the right. Not that I'd want her anywhere near our team and I doubt that anyone would embrace her, but it would be quite the spectacle.

Just to buy herself another 15 minutes I think she'd do just about anything.

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