Dead Anti-Marriage Amendment

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dead Anti-Marriage Amendment

By way of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, I just came across this, which is personally a HUGE relief considering that my wife and I just put a bid on a house in Pittsburgh today.
July 2, 2006

Victory! Pennsylvania Legislature Rejects Anti-Family Constitutional Amendment

(Harrisburg, PA) July 2, 2006 – The Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights and the Value All Families Coalition commends the Pennsylvania General Assembly for rejecting the Marriage Protection Amendment. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate failed to pass the proposed state constitutional amendment, House Bill 2381, prior to its summer recess.

On June 6, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a version of the amendment that would have permanently barred same-sex marriage and civil unions. The amendment could also have negatively impacted rights that are currently available in the Commonwealth for all unmarried couples such as domestic partner health benefits, domestic violence protections and medical decision making, among others.

On June 21, the Pennsylvania Senate rejected the House’s sweeping language, adopting a much narrower version of the amendment that would have outlawed same-sex marriage, but left open the possibility of legal recognition for civil unions or domestic partnerships. Because the House and Senate did not pass identical versions before breaking for the summer, the legislation failed.
I can't help but point this out, as happy as I am with the outcome there isn't a real victory, it is victory by default-- specifically the failure of the other side to organize effectively. Hey, I'll take victory in any form, but I'm just sayin'. The best part is that even if they they sucessfully revived their efforts the earliest it could go on the PA state ballot is 2010.

Anyways, I've been keeping track of any nasty anti-gay movement in the state legislture, mildly concerned that *something* could happen that might prevent us from freely moving back to my home state. This stupid amendment has been the only thing on the horizon that made me wrinkle my nose. (Although "anti-gay legislation" is not a contigency in our offer on the house, so we'd be SOL if this had passed.)More specifically, if they tried to undermine PA adoption laws, which are some of the most progressive in the nation when it comes to LGBT people, it's just not well known. So far, so good.

It looks like our family can move to Pennsylvania without fear. Huzzah!

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