Chickenhawk Shame

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chickenhawk Shame

Among the numerous inevitable consequences of going to war are the vets who, whether or not they are physically intact, are mentally and emotionally ruined. While President Flightsuit says "Bring them on" and pretends to be a soldier, he shows no signs of caring about actual soldiers. Even though it happens in every war--in one era, it might be called "shell shock," in another "combat fatigue," and more recently "PTSD"--this, like civilian casualties and war atrocities, is one more human cost that Shrub doesn't seem to have taken into account.

Hence an event that was started two decades ago for homeless Vietnam vets shows no sign of becoming obsolete.

Except for the tradition itself, much is changing in the homeless-veteran community, said Darcy Pavich, coordinator of the local Stand Down and chaplain of Veterans Village of San Diego.

Most of the the veterans attending Stand Downs across the country are no longer from the Vietnam War era, she said, but from the Persian Gulf War. In addition, “Iraq and Afghanistan veterans (are) a small but growing segment,” Pavich said.

More and more veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will become homeless after serving multiple tours of duty, she said.

And George "Support the Troops" Bush cuts veterans' medical benefits. For shame.

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