A Health Crisis Without "Vulnerable Groups"

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Health Crisis Without "Vulnerable Groups"

From today's Washington Post:
Negotiations over an updated version of the United Nations' "declaration of commitment" on AIDS are bogging down in battles over the language sensitivities of Islamic countries and the reluctance of the United States to have specific, very expensive global targets spelled out in detail.

... in the (declaration) draft, the Organization of the Islamic Conference -- a group of Islamic countries -- is seeking to remove the term "vulnerable groups." That phrase was the compromise reached in 2001 to avoid mentioning high-risk groups such as homosexuals, prostitutes and injected-drug users -- people whose behavior the Islamic countries did not want publicly mentioned.
It's hard to have high hopes for UN efforts to combat AIDS if they can't even manage to get the already watered-down term "vulnerable groups" in the declaration.

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