Bush Should Watch More Documentaries

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bush Should Watch More Documentaries

Bush to Create World's Largest Marine Protected Area Near Hawaii

--A swath of the Pacific near Hawaii will be the largest such preserve in the world. The president was inspired to act by a Cousteau film.--

President Bush today will create the world's largest marine protected area, a total of 140,000 square miles of Pacific Ocean surrounding a necklace of islands and atolls that stretch from the main Hawaiian Islands to Midway Atoll and beyond, senior administration officials said.

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Monument will be larger than all of America's national parks combined. Fishing will be phased out, and the mining of coral for jewelry will be prohibited, along with other practices that can damage delicate reefs.

"With a stroke of a pen, the president not only can accomplish the single largest act of conservation in U.S. history, but he can inspire the American public on the broader importance of our ocean and coastal environments," said a senior administration official who requested anonymity so as to not upstage Bush's announcement today.
I wonder what would happen if he saw Gore's "Inconvenient Truth"? And just to beat Eugene to the punch-- maybe someone should show him a documentary about Darfur?

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