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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Put Metaphors in Blender, Press "Puree"

This might be one of the "best of the worst" talking points I have ever read about the "homosexual agenda" in public schools.
"It's like you're dealing with people from Mars, people who feel they're so superior they can use your child's mind as a sandbox for their own personal ideologies," he said.
Even better, this quote is a spokesperson from an anti-gay group that is supporting a lawsuit against a Massachusetts school district for the inclusion of married gay and lesbian-headed families in their diversity cirriculum. (Considering they live in a state where same-sex marriage is legal it surprises me that they allow their children out of their homes let alone to attend public schools.) Gay martians playing in sandboxes? Who knew that was part of the agenda?

At least the school seems to be handling it well, although this has got to piss anti-gay folks off-- their lawsuit is being used as an example by the superintendent to argue why there needs to be more education about gay and lesbian-headed families, not less.
"It certainly strengthens the argument that we need to teach about gay marriage because it's more of a reality for our kids," said Paul Ash, superintendent of schools in Lexington. "The children see married, gay couples."
Personally if I were living in Massachusetts I'd help make sure these anti-gay activists get as much publicity as possible, frankly they undermine their own cause better than we do.

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