The News Vs. Those Who Read the News

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The News Vs. Those Who Read the News

There was a time when journalists and others in the media were content to stand on the sidelines. But those times are far behind us. In their own minds at least, they have entered the celebrity world and everything they do, every job they take, etc., deserves lots of attention.

Perhaps this explains why the Washington Post believed that ABC News' decision to return to a solo anchor for its evening newscast was deserving of front-page status -- and 23 paragraphs.

Couldn't the Post have used this space more wisely? How important was it for Post readers to know in today's newspaper that now-replaced anchor Elizabeth Vargas ....
* already has a 3-year-old son?

* is expecting her second child in August?

* or that Vargas told the newspaper: "This has been, in full candor, not the easiest pregnancy. In fact, it's been pretty difficult. This is a show, and a staff, that deserves an anchor who can give 150 percent ..."
Yawn. When it comes to story length and placement, The Post should give a much higher priority to news than to those who read the news.

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