Lieberman, Rape Victims, and Mapquest

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lieberman, Rape Victims, and Mapquest

The three have more in common than you might realize. But, first, some background.

If recent polls are to be trusted, Senator Joe "I'm not a Republican, but I play one on TV" Lieberman will probably win re-election this year. Still, he is facing a spirited primary challenge from Ned Lamont. And I count myself proud to be a Lamont contributor.

Many liberals have long been pissed off over Lieberman's support for the Iraq war. The website is one product of their anger. Within a few hours, the National Organization for Women's PAC is expected to announce its endorsement of Lamont.

It may not be the only reason for NOW's decision, but the comments that Lieberman made in March gave liberals and women of various political stripes a new reason to oppose Lieberman. Back then, the senator was quoted as saying it was okay for hospitals to refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims so long as they had "principled reasons" for doing so.

Daily Kos and a host of other blogs have reacted to Lieberman's comments, but my favorite post was on the blog Connecticut Bob.

Playing off of Lieberman's remark that in a small, densely populated state like Connecticut, "it shouldn't take more than a short ride to get to another hospital," Connecticut Bob provides Mapquest-facilitated directions for rape victims in 4 cities who may need to find alternate hospitals.

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