Hillary ... Motivated by "Personal Ambition"?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hillary ... Motivated by "Personal Ambition"?

Hold the presses, ladies and gentlemen. In today's Wash Post, Dan Balz has written this profile on Hillary Clinton, and (as always) the Post looks silly trying to be so nuanced in its assessments:
Clinton's roles as senator, first lady, governor's wife, lawyer and children's advocate have given her a depth of experience that few national politicians can match, but she is still trying to demonstrate whether these yielded a coherent governing philosophy.

For now, she is defined by a combination of celebrity and caution that strategists say leaves her more vulnerable than most politicians to charges that
she is motivated more by personal ambition and tactical maneuver than by a clear philosophy.
Imagine that.

Did the Post honestly feel it needed to attribute this view to some unnamed "strategists"?

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