Drowning in a Sea of Negativity

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Drowning in a Sea of Negativity

Via Carpetbagger we find that reviewing Bush's ratings in state-by-state polls adds some dramatic, devastating depth to his national polls. Here's a fact you won't hear repeated on CNN-- Bush's disapproval ratings are bigger than his approval ratings in 47 states.
Bush is down to just three states in which his support is 50% or better (Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah). He has fallen into the 30s in 37 states (including 18 states that voted for him the 2004 election) and is into the 20s in 10 states (including one that backed him in '04).
Bush has even lost the support of Texas-- 42% approve, 56% disapprove. Heck, he's lost support in the entire South!

What was that you were saying, Karl? That people are just in a "sour" mood, "that people like this president"? Are you not aware that 33 states have Bush disapproval ratings in the 60s or higher? What do you think his poll numbers would look like if people turned on him?

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