Compromise: It Never Makes Sense to the GOP

Monday, May 15, 2006

Compromise: It Never Makes Sense to the GOP

The GOP's political prospects may look somewhat gloomy at this stage, but the party's arrogance remains amazingly resilient. Here's the latest evidence.

First, some context. As you know, the District of Columbia has long had a delegate in the House of Representatives, but elected delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has no voting rights. The District's hopes were raised recently when a proposal was floated that couples voting rights for D.C.'s congressional delegate with the addition of a new House seat. The new House seat would go to Utah and would almost certainly be won by a Republican.

I'll let the Washington Post take it from there:
... Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) conceded that the idea is "a long way" from winning congressional approval and may well founder in the House Judiciary Committee.

... The House (Republican) aides criticized Davis for indicating that the measure would be taken up by a committee on which he does not serve and that it would get time on the House floor.

... the aides said the bill would have a difficult time garnering majority support. Under the proposal, the House would expand from 435 members to 437, adding seats for the Democratic capital city and Republican Utah. Although the District member would almost certainly be a Democrat, there are no guarantees with the Utah seat.

Besides, the aide said, "Why we would want to give a Democrat a vote even if another Republican gets a vote doesn't make any sense."
Compromise and fairness never make sense to the GOP majority.
"The fact that some leadership aide doesn't think D.C. should have the right to vote I don't think is going to count at the end of the day," Davis said.
Perhaps Davis is right. But I doubt these GOP House staffers would be saying such things if they didn't think that's how their bosses think.

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