CNN Recycles News, Demagogue Has Learned

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CNN Recycles News, Demagogue Has Learned

Amid my seemingly-never-ending search for news on Darfur, I came across this article from CNN
Children as young as 13 are being forced into combat by Sudanese rebels who take the youngsters from squalid refugee camps in neighboring Chad, CNN has learned.

In some cases, Chadian guards look the other way as rebels make children join their ranks, local people say.
And just how did CNN "learn" this?

I'm guessing they "learned" it when UNHCR said it yesterday
Rebel groups are reportedly continuing to recruit men and boys in camps in Chad that shelter 200,000 Sudanese who have fled the fighting in the Darfur region of their own country, and the Chadian Government must take all necessary steps to stop such activities, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said today.
I guess that, technically, CNN did "learn" this - but so did everybody else.

Normally, when news outlets claim to have "learned" something, it means they have discovered something nobody else knew and that had not yet been reported.

I think that, from now on, I am going to start all of my blog posts with phrases like "The NSA has a massive database of Americans' phone calls, Demagogue has learned."

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