Willfully Ignorant or Deliberately Misleading?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Willfully Ignorant or Deliberately Misleading?

Rick Scarborough, of "War Against Christians Conference" fame, just sent out a charming e-mail about Hillary Clinton, Jesus and immigration. Either he doesn't understand what she's referring to or he's breaking a commandment-- on Good Friday no less!

If a conservative cites Scripture on abortion or homosexuality, the media goes ballistic. We’re called a threat to church-state separation (so-called) and harbingers of a coming theocracy. The left, on the other hand, can use (and abuse) religion to its heart’s content, and nobody blinks an eye.

In the impassioned debate over illegal immigration, Senator Hillary Clinton (D, NY) said a bill that passed the House would “criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself.”

This, of course, is nonsense. The House legislation punishes those who help aliens to come here illegally, not those who render humanitarian aid once they’re here.

The New Testament is largely silent on the subject of immigration. However, the Old Testament has much to say on the subject of boundaries. In Genesis, the Children of Israel are invited to settle in the land of Egypt; they don’t just up and move there without permission (illegally).

Now that the former first lady has decided to “mix politics and religion,” perhaps she could ask what Jesus would do the next time there’s a Senate vote to limit the killing of the unborn.
It's not just the Dems who worried about the impact of the provision that would criminalize assistance to illegal immigrants. I know Scarborough doesn't want to acknowledge that Hillary and the Democratic Party are on the same side as American Catholic organizations on this issue, but Catholic charities are very worried that they could get in trouble for helping poor immigrants.

So Scarborough either hasn't been following this debate very closely or he's manipulating what Hillary is saying and attacking her to score political points. Additionally, Scarborough can't seem to tell the difference between mentioning religion, or even referring to one's own personal faith, and politicians who attempt to compel the electorate to pray or worship a certain way-- you know, the part of the constitution that forbids an establishment of religion.

As for his bizarre comments about illegal immigration in the Bible, um, I suppose if Egypt hadn't invited the Jews to settle there they'd still be wandering in the desert. After all, that is how America's European settlers came to establish America, right? I totally forgot that the people who were already living in North America several centuries ago invited people like Cortez, Columbus and the Pilgrims to come here-- then they asked to be conquered, killed and enslaved.

(By the way, if you want to see Scarborough's e-mail write me and I'll forward you a copy.)

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