That's Some Damn Fine Kool-Aid

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

That's Some Damn Fine Kool-Aid

An e-mail from my little buddy Ricky "War on Christians" Scarborough on the proven effectiveness of right-wing corporate boycotts.

The giant automaker is being rocked by a boycott (launched by the American Family Association, but backed by a coalition of more than 20 pro-family organizations including Vision America) over its support for gay marriage. [ed.- italics mine]

During March, Ford’s sales declined 5% over the same period last year. AFA discloses that since the boycott began, shares of Ford’s stock have lost roughly 7% of their value.

So, what is Ford’s response? The company is proudly sponsoring a homosexual “marriage” commitment ceremony at the upcoming Motor City Pride Event (June 2-4 in Detroit). My friend Don Wildmon, AFA chairman, comments, “Evidently Chairman Bill Ford is willing to take the company into bankruptcy in Ford’s support of homosexual marriage.”

This demonstrates the hold the gay agenda has on American companies. Once, Ford proudly stood for family values. Today, the company is spitting in the faces of millions of American families who have been its loyal customers.
This is true only in your dreams.

The first rule of boycotting a corporation is that people have to actually know about it for anyone to claim success. But since few people about this we-hate-homos boycott, a boycott that has been on-again and off-again for a year, I'd say it's a little silly that any of them can take credit for this. Also, Ford says their spring sales are down 2.8% from last year, not 5%. But that is beside the point.

At least they got one thing right, it's always a safe bet to declare a boycott on a company that is known to be having financial trouble, especially if their industry overall is smarting. They can keep telling themselves that Ford's problems are because of their boycott, which only works as long as they don't ever read a newspaper or watch the news on TV. The thing is that I rarely read the business section and even I'm well aware that the entire American auto industry has been having a lot of trouble for some time-- Ford, GM and Crysler are all in deep trouble. The fact is that Americans are buying more Japanese cars than American cars. GM just reported its worst quarter earnings in 13 years, are they going to find a way to take credit for that too? Oh, wait, but they didn't boycott them...interesting.

Ford's problems have nothing to do with supporting gay rights, it has everything to do with their production of oversized, gas-guzzling American SUVs and a host of other business problems. (Ford likes to blame their workers greedy demand for health care and a living wage, but that's a topic for another day.) These folks must think their followers are all pretty stupid, don't watch or listen to the news, read the newspaper or understand the difference between correlation and causation-- which is probably a pretty safe bet as well.

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