Shut the Hell Up

Friday, April 14, 2006

Shut the Hell Up

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Dick Morris.

Morris has written an entire column in The Hill on how pleased he is that Hillary might have to really fight for the presidential nomination-- not that she's running-- in 2008. Morris writes, "Suddenly, thankfully, it does not seem that Hillary Clinton is on an automatic trajectory to become the next Democratic nominee for president."

Why will she have to fight? Because, according to Morris, Al Gore is now in the picture, although he seems to be overlooking that Gore hasn't announced and there doesn't seem to be much certainty that he'll run. (Just an aside about Al, I really hope that he realizes that we need him to run in 2008.)

But the fact is Morris is lying, as a professional mediawhore/douchebag nothing would make him happier if Hillary ran and got the nomination. You know how many tv interviews he would get if she were the frontrunner? For pete's sake, Morris could probably get his own show on FoxNews just so he can rant and rave endlessly about how evil she is. (Hell, Rupert Murdoch might even create a new 24-hour channel wholly dedicated to convincing people that "Hillary is the Antichrist.")

For the past 10-years Morris has built a career on Clinton-bashing-- he's nothing more than a disgruntled employee, a disgraced toesucker who worked for the Clinton campaign-- so logic dictates that the more press she gets the more his profile rises. However, if the Clintons are no longer in the limelight, if Hillary does not run or get the nod in 2008, then Morris will need to find a new professional niche. Just how many more years does he think he can milk his obsessive hatred of the Clintons into a career?

So, please, Dick Morris, do the world a favor and just shut the hell up.

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