President Madhatter?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

President Madhatter?

Fred Kaplan at Slate has a very nice breakdown of why we're probably not going to nuke Iran and what might be behind it-- although it's pretty much madness no matter which way you look at it. The options are: Bush just wants Iran to think he's crazy, that he wants Europe to think he's crazy, OR he is actually considering it, which means he truly is crazy.

One would hope that if Bush & Co. did start to lead a campaign that resembled the lead up to Iraq that somehow congress or the American people could and would stop it. Considering everyhing, that Bush's popularity and credibility are at all-time lows, that people have little confidence in his ability to manage the war in Iraq, the GOP is already nervous about the upcoming mid-term election, and that Bush might just be the lamest lame duck ever, it really is pretty hard to imagine how Bush could do it even if he thought it was a grand idea.

All that being said, I am curious what would happen if they just went for it anyways-- would impeachment or an outright coup be outside the realm of possibilities? Would Americans demand that he be impeached? Or perhaps the military itself would be forced to say "um, you and what army?"

Here's to hoping that we never find out.

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