Looking to '08, Giuliani Cozies Up to Santorum

Friday, April 07, 2006

Looking to '08, Giuliani Cozies Up to Santorum

Today's New York Times includes this article exploring how former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani is positioning himself for a possible 2008 presidential run. Some excerpts:
Mr. Giuliani's advisers are only now starting to talk openly about the outlines of a possible national bid, but they say he could enter the race at the start of 2007, or even later, and still assemble a team and raise tens of millions of dollars in a relatively short time.

Mr. Giuliani has been amassing political chits by raising money for candidates in politically important states, like California, Iowa, Michigan and New Jersey.

He is buddying up to conservatives in tough re-election fights, like Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania; the two men are scheduled to attend a fund-raising event and campaign together in two weeks.

Instead of raising money for himself, Mr. Giuliani is exerting his political muscle to help Republicans keep control of Congress this year, headlining a major fund-raising affair for Senate candidates in May.
Giuliani is helping to carry Santorum's water in spite of the fact that the two of them don't appear to have much more in common than Giuliani has with Bob Casey, who is Santorum's leading Democratic challenger.

As the Times itself noted in an earlier paragraph:
Mr. Giuliani believes that his support for abortion rights, gay rights and gun control would make winning the (GOP's presidential) nomination difficult ...

Abortion, gay rights and gun control are among the most defining issues of our time. Giuliani's positions on these issues are clearly at odds with Santorum's. And we're not just talking about how Santorum votes. The Pennsylvania senator has made abortion and gay rights issues two of his centerpiece issues.

Two years ago, Giuliani said he agreed with Hillary Clinton's complaint that homeland security dollars were being distributed by the Bushies on the basis of politics, not with regard to the actual risk of terrorism. Yet he never spoke to the issue unless reporters specifically raised it.

Is there any principle that Giuliani will fight for other than his future candidacy?

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