FoxNews and White House Merger

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

FoxNews and White House Merger

Our Decider-in-Chief can't seem to make a good decision these days. The hiring of a FauxNews right-wing pundit as his press secretary seems like a storyline ripped straight from The Onion.

Why stop at Tony Snow? Why not just make Rupert Murdoch an offer and buy the whole channel?

It'll be interesting to see if Tony Snow turns out to be a retread of the whole Harriet Miers fiasco. Like Miers, I think it's highly possible that this could turn into a joke and an embarassment considering all of Snow's not-so-flattering things Snow has said about Bush and his agenda in the not so distant past. The last thing the Bush Administration needs right now is this to become a leggy story about his own press secretary being on record that he thinks that Bush is an "embarassment" as well as "impotent."

I'm not sure why they think this selection will help their image-- oh, wait, because they live in a Magical Bubble That Reality Cannot Penetrate. They are, in a word, clueless.

By the way, just an (obvious) suggestion-- whenever Snow starts dancing around and avoiding uncomfortable questions the way that the press secretary job requires, it should be called a Snowjob.

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