Demagogue of the Day: Joseph Farah

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Demagogue of the Day: Joseph Farah

I love it when the God-fearing, so-called Christian Right gets totally naked and shows us exactly who they are-- paranoid, rage-fulled white nativists/nationalists who, simultaneously, have a persecution complex AND are overwhelmed with a desire to persecute others all in the name of Jesus.

These are not the people you turn to for Christ-inspired compassion for the poor, oppressed and downtrodden, as exemplified by founder the of WorldNutDaily, Joseph Farah. From his essay America the Infiltrated.
Every day now, it seems, hundreds of thousands of ungrateful human parasites rally in American cities condemning their host country's lack of hospitality. [ed: bold mine]
Yes, people = parasites. Where have we heard language like that before? language that encourages people to view other people as vermin? as something that needs to be exterminated? (Hmmm. So many examples, none of them nice.)

Wow, these "parasites" must be a HUGE threat. Please explain, what are they doing that is so incredibly awful? How are we all in grave danger?
They have forced Americans to spend hours a year listening to voice-mail operators give them language options. They have forced Americans to pay the cost of bilingual ballots and for Spanish translators at thousands of government agencies. The very character of our once-cohesive English-speaking country is threatened.
OH MY GOD. The horror! Don't they know that all other nations everywhere only have one official langugage per country? That two different languages in the same head will make our brains explode? They are endangering the health of us all!
I would have thought by now that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans would be rising up angry, filling the streets and protesting the destruction of their country. But that is not the case...I'm afraid most Americans have been successfully fattened up for slaughter. We're just not the same people our forebears were. We're not willing to make sacrifices to preserve our freedom and independence and system of self-government. Washington knows this and has decided you are irrelevant.
Yes, it's because we're all fat and lazy. Or perhaps it's because we don't view other people who come here seeking a better life-- as most of our own ancestors did-- as less-than-human "parasites." We have something called compassion, a little emotion called empathy.
As wrong as the illegal invaders are, you've got to hand it to them. They know how to push their weight around, and they are willing to march in the streets to get their way. How many Americans are willing to do that any more? How many are willing to make any sacrifice for the way of life they were given by their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents?
The reality is that most of those "illegal invaders" have sacraficed a lot to get here, something the rest of us seem to recognize, regardless of how we feel about their undocumented status. Like many of our ancestors, most of today's immigrants took great risks to come to this country, work jobs with long hours and low pay, are strangers in a foreign land and often live in tight-knit immigrant communities. Just like America's previous generations of immigrants it took a generation or two for their families to assimilate and become "average Americans." (How many 2nd or 3rd generation people do you know that can speak the native language of their not-too-distant ancestors?)

Also, you totally disregard the fact that not all Americans are the descendents of people who came here legally or of their own free will.
They are darn lucky I am not running the country. I would order mass arrests at these events, forcing every single participant to prove their legal right to be in this country or face deportation.
I can't even express how lucky we all are that you are not running the country. (Just out of curiosity, what other groups you round up and ship out? Who else is destroying America with their mere existance?)
I keep hearing about how expensive it would be to find all of the illegals and deport them. They are making it very easy for us with these rallies. The fact that no one is even suggesting roundups shows just how far gone our country is.
No, it actually shows just how far we've come from a time when language such as yours was common. In less than 20 years we've actually matured as a nation, we seem a lot less driven by an angry, vindictive desire to single out and persecute other people for doing what Americans have been doing for centuries. The vast majority of us manage to discuss this very complex issue without resorting to calling people "parasites" or "invaders" as though they are here to start a war or suck our blood.

Considering that Easter is this weekend perhaps you should spend a little more time reading about the teachings of Jesus? For starters, try locating all of times Jesus referred to poor people as "parasites." Or contemplate the fact that most of the "illegal invaders" you so despise are Christians themselves-- doesn't that make them part of your family?

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