Where Our Charitable Dollars Go

Friday, March 03, 2006

Where Our Charitable Dollars Go

For people like Eugene who wish the genocide in Darfur were more squarely on America's radar screen, a snippet from today's Wisconsin State-Journal is unlikely to cheer them up. (Note: No online link available.) In the newspaper's "Page Two" column, Melanie Conklin reminds us that Americans are charitable people -- charitable people with a rather strange sense of priorities:
Madison Fire Department spokesperson Lori Wirth called to say that within days WKOW-(Channel) 27 weekend anchors Mitch Weber and Mari-Ela David airing an interview with Assistant Fire Chief Paul Bloom, donations came in to more than cover the cost of the equipment Bloom was requesting.

In fact, the department got so many donations there's enough money to go to other area fire departments.

The item requested: pet oxygen masks. And, says Wirth, they will now be on all rescue vehicles. Breathe easy.
Yes, people in Darfur will continue to die of assault, disease and malnutrition. But at least we raised money so our pets will be safe from smoke inhalation. Well, I feel better.

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