That Issue Didn't Work for All of 'Em

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

That Issue Didn't Work for All of 'Em

Not every conservative who played demagogue on the issue of gay marriage in 2004 met with success. On Tuesday, National Journal's Congress Daily reminded us of at least one of them:
Republican Mike Liffrig, who ran against Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan two years ago, said he is considering another bid -- this time against Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad. Liffrig, a lawyer, said he would decide in the next week whether to run, the Associated Press reported.

Dorgan was re-elected by a 2-1 margin over Liffrig, who now says he relied too much on out-of-state consultants and negative ads.

One Liffrig ad that received attention in 2004 targeted gay marriage: It showed two men in black ties about to kiss each other, as an announcer intoned, "You can kiss our North Dakota values goodbye or you can kiss Sen. Dorgan goodbye."

... "I made mistakes in the past and I want to try a different approach, a totally different approach," Liffrig said ....

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