Somewhere, Man Ray Is Chuckling

Friday, March 31, 2006

Somewhere, Man Ray Is Chuckling

Let's face it. Most of the news in recent years that has originated in Kansas and reached the national stage has painted a less than flattering image of the state. But lest we think that no one in Kansas is cultured, edgy, defiant and non-conformist, consider the fact that the mayor of Lawrence, Kansas recently signed this proclamation declaring tomorrow, April 1, to be "International Dadaism Month."

How can a day be declared a "month"? Very easily, if you ask devotees of the Dadaists. (By the way, April 1 is one of 13 days that received this designation.)

Read the mayor's proclamation. It's quite amusing. Yes, it's a bit silly, but at least you get the impression that the mayor knew he was doing something silly. And it's no more silly than this Virginia county's decision to declare the first week of May '05 as "Respect for Law Week."

On the other 51 weeks of the year, I guess it was anything goes.

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