Just like a Messianic Wingnutter...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just like a Messianic Wingnutter...

to have no grasp of cause and effect.

I just received an e-mail from Rick Scarborogh of Vision America, he organized the recent "War on Christians Conference" that was held in DC this week, and he takes claims a Big Victory for anti-gay marriage folks that didn't actually happen.
We just received word today that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has upheld a law prohibiting same-sex couples from “marrying” in the state if their "marriage" is prohibited in their home states. This comes from a Court that was the first in the nation to rule in favor of homosexual marriage.

When I first saw this ruling I ["]thought["]: “that’s odd one of the most activist courts in the United States ruled [against] homosexual marriage.” But upon further reflection, I suspect that this ruling is in part due to your efforts and the efforts of millions of Americans who are speaking out and demanded accountability for these and other activist judges.

This very week, we spoke with Conference attendees from the State of Massachusetts that have been working to remove these Massachusetts activist judges from office. Their hard work toward judicial accountability is having a tremendous impact. We should be encouraged by their example and we should all keep up the hard work. The judges are watching and in some instances are beginning to restrain themselves in response to the demands of the Constitution and the People.
Were you alive in 1913? No? Were any of your anti-gay activists? Probably not.

The court upheld a law that was made in 1913 that banned the commonwealth from performing (mixed) marriages for out-of-state folks that weren't legal in their home states. This ruling neither a victory nor a defeat for same-sex marriage or for its foes. It's not as though they just overturned Goodwin. Keeping in mind that this is the same evil MA court that ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, does this case perhaps reveal that they make their decisions based on law, not "judicial activism"?

Seriously, I suppose it's far too obvious for any anti-gay wingnutters to notice that Massachussetts hasn't fallen off into the ocean since same-sex marriage became legal. Or that there hasn't been a wave of divorce among heterosexual couples. Or that no family has been harmed by the nice lesbian or gay couple down the street getting married. Or the fact that the majority of Massachussets voters now support same-sex marriage or that national opposition to same-sex marriage is quickly declining. I know, there is just something about "facts" and "evidence" that totally escapes you, Mr. Scarborough. Maybe you should see someone about that. Also, whether you like it or not those marriages are legal now so stop with the "marriage."

Personally, speaking as a liberal lesbian activist who'd love to legally marry my wife, I'm relieved about this ruling. I'm actually thankful that we aren't going to have a year of stories where well-intentioned couples marry in MA then go home and sue their state for not recognizing it. It doesn't force the issue at this time. We know that time is on our side, so a little bit of a delay, a short stall at this point could mean a faster victory in the near future. In essence, I believe that this decision will help starve the gay boogeyman in the upcoming election and the years to come. I think it's going to be a lot harder to portray gay marriage as a threat in states like Minnesota if nothing is happening on the ground legally.

Frankly, I'd rather see much more important issues-- more critical life and death issues that impact a lot more people-- get center stage in this election cycle.

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