Auto(homo)erotic Asphyxiation

Friday, March 24, 2006

Auto(homo)erotic Asphyxiation

I get regular e-mails from people like Don Wildmon of the American (anti)Family Association and most of the time it provokes little more than eyerolling. But the one I received today made me laugh out loud.
On a recent episode of CBS's Without A Trace, Ford proved to the homosexual leaders the company's commitment to their agenda. The Ford-sponsored program included a scene of two lesbians passionately kissing each other.

To see what Ford sponsored, click here. (Warning! This scene is very offensive!)
I love the fact that they can't just talk about girls kissing, but they must share it-- with warnings! Just in case their members can't imagine what it looks like! Oh the horror! (They're kissing in a bowling alley, of all places! They may as well smear them with Mom's Apple Pie while they're at it!)

I know groups like the AFA want their members to believe advertising that targets gays and lesbians is part of some big agenda, however, they're being deliberately naive. Gay-specific advertising by major corporations is hardly a new phenomenon, in fact most major companies do it and have been doing it for years. It's harder to find a major corporation that doesn't market to gays and lesbians than one that does, it's a growth industry all by itself.

What AFA is truly upset about is that Ford hurt their feelings and exposed just how little clout they have. Ford decided it had more to gain by advertising to gays and lesbians than kowtowing to the Right Wing Fun Police.
Last fall, in a meeting with AFA, Ford agreed to stop funding the homosexual agenda. However, after a group of angry homosexual leaders met with Ford, the company reneged on its agreement and announced that they would continue their commitment to support the effort to legalize homosexual marriage.
The fact is that Ford doesn't care about gays and lesbians or whether or we can legally marry, they just want us to buy their cars. It's just that simple. This isn't about angry homosexuals or any agenda, if there wasn't money to be made from our community-- if we weren't perceived as wealthy urban trendsetters-- no major corporations would be directing ads at us.

I have a suggestion. If Don Wildmon and the AFA are feeling left out, if they want their own targeted ad attention from Ford, they're going to have to start being perceived as modern & hip-- two words they could never claim. Hmmm, looks like someone is in need of a makeover!

I would *pay* to see the Fab Five makeover Don Wildmon, wouldn't you? Maybe that is what Wildmon really wants-- a little special attention. It's too bad his hatred of gays keeps him far, far away from anyone who could give him any style advice. What a pity.

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